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Page updated: 2021. 04. 20.

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If you're tired of reading subtitles, support subtitles development and free download!

Subtitle reader program for movies

Many people do not watch one
movie series because it's not synchronized, reading subtitles can be annoying, instead of focusing on the movie, you have to focus on subtitles.
The subtitles cover much of the film, capturing the attention.
With this program you no longer have to read the subtitles. A narrator voice reads it for us!


In a few words about the program...

This program, which is currently under development but is fully usable, reads the movie caption while watching a movie. Anyone who still remembers the mood of old VHS narrative films might be familiar with it.

The program uses the installed SAPI 5 sound under windows. This means it can read in virtually many languages. It can work with any installed voice. 

While watching a movie, you can scroll through the movie playback time, pause the movie, and then restart it. The subtitle reader program monitors the current status of the video player program and automatically adjusts the subtitle text to be read! 

The program also keeps track of the subtitle display length and, if there is a lot of text in a short period of time, it speeds up the reading so no text is missed! 

You can adjust the movie volume and narrator volume relative to each other. The caption can be freely loaded or removed from the movie while watching. 

The program works pretty well as seen in the videos, but we still plan to make many changes to it. The videos only demonstrate the initial operation of the program!

SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface) :  Currently the program supports SAPI 5 sounds (Vocalizer, Profivox, IVONA, Microsoft sounds, eSpeak, others ..)!

The subtitle reader software is not yet available to the public! We are currently looking for sponsors or individual donations!

Donate Options

Donate the development of our program and its free download!

Please donate the development of the program so that it can be downloaded for free as soon as possible through community funding!

You can do this by paying to the account number below. You can transfer or deposit any amount. 

All donate will be listed in the program at the time of publishing (shown as sponsor's own request)!

Paypal donate:

Bank account data:
Account holder: Tőzsér István
Bank: OTP BANK - Magyarország, 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16.
Account number: 11773054 07845417
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): HU09117730540784541700000000
OTP Bank's SWIFT (BIC) code is : OTPVHUHB

Contact (ideas, inquiries, serious sponsorship, etc.):


Installing components...


Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.8.7
(July 17, 2019) installation

If you do not have Media Player Classic Home Cinema installed on your computer, install it here:
Media Player Classic Home Cinem 1.8.7

Or from the page:

Currently, the subtitle reader can only work with this media player! Other older versions can be used!


Installing SAPI 5 English Sound if not properly installed on your machine

The narrator voice will read out on this installed voice! In menu 3 of the reader program you can see what sounds are already installed on the machine!

Which one is sympathetic to download and install.


Installing the Subtitle Reader Program

You do not need to install the program. Once downloaded, you can copy and run it anywhere!

1. Open the subtitle file. Only standard .srt files can be handled at this time!
2. Load the subtitle file into memory. Wait a bit for the subtitle to load in the background.
3. Choose the right voice to be the narrator's voice. This can also be changed while the movie is running, and its volume can also be changed.
4. You can start movie playback with the Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

The Movie Subtitle Reader Program runs in the background and continuously monitors where the movie is in time and reads the subtitle in the narrator of your choice. While watching a movie, you can pause it, restart it, and scroll through it while the reader is running in the background. If you want to watch another movie, restart the program and select a new subtitle.


Some other useful features in the new release (v.2019.10.13)


Select your language

The program menu is now ready for several selectable languages ​​- Hungarian, German, English, Spanish, French, etc. (translation is not yet available in any language!) ... We are looking for a translator to translate the menu subtitles into any language! All subtitles for the menu to be translated are in this file: forditando.txt
If you can translate it into any of the above languages ​​or any other language, please send it to our email address and be included in the program, or we will list the translator as a contributor in the Donations List!


Change the words to pronounce.

This feature may come in handy when you look at a series, for example, and want the narrator not to spell out certain words in the description, but in Hungarian. For example, names can be very useful. A file must list the words to pronounce. The first line is what we want to change and the second line is how we want the narrator to pronounce it. For example, if you want the word Discovery not pronounced narrator but Disco, then type:


Save your settings

You can now save the configured data and open these settings next time. The menu language, the selected narrator sound, the selected volume, and the speed value 6 are saved.


Show function disable

If the triggered narrator is already running in the background, some buttons will be disabled in the program, and will have a white button designation! You must restart the program to select a new subtitle. Then the disabled buttons will be active again!


The following videos demonstrate how the program works.